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So about two years ago I purchased a Saffire Ceramic

( Green Egg type ) grill. I started smoking ribs, chicken and pork and really loved how the meat when finished had a little crispness or bark on the outside that was packed with the smoke flavor. The meat was still tender  when cut because it was cooked low and slow as they say.  About a year ago I began experimenting with making beef jerky on my smoker and eventually hit, what friends and co-workers tell me was a home run. Some said it was the best jerky they ever had! Others said it was so good I should sell it. Due to law restrictions and the fact that I wanted to sell it legally, and on a large scale, I searched out a USDA certified meat processor that I could partner up with and J-Dawg Jerky was born!

I named my company after my son Jadon, who is our #1 fan of our Jerky. My wife and I used to call him J-Dawg  when he was young and the name just stuck.

We use quality cuts of meat along with the perfect blend of spices in our marinade! Then we smoke it low and slow so that the smoke flavor penetrates the meat to give you a great, tender, moist not dry, protien rich, low fat, flavor packed, all natural beef jerky that you will want to share with your family and friends! 

You keep eating it and we will keep makin it !

              Thanks for trying J-Dawg Jerky!                   

Mike & Jadon  

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